Important Update - on May 8 game will stop working

Because dyndns.org will no longer be a free service starting May 8,2014, we will be forced to update the game once again, in order to change the hardcoded master server addresses

The new addresses will be coolpool01.no-ip.info and coolpool02.no-ip.info

I do not plan on making an autopatch, but this may change.

It is your responsibility to let other members of the community know that their game will not work after May 8, unless they patch it to see the new servers.

Details on how to patch Maximum Pool manually using a hex editor and Cool Pool manually using regedit that comes with Windows:

Tutorials on how to patch your game to see rooms now and after May 8,2014, have been posted now. See the top 2 posts (stickies) in the Online Forever - The Game Fixes forum


We need help with our Online Forever Project

"Online Forever" is a project dedicated to keeping the Maximum Pool and Cool Pool games online forever, by running private servers, after Sierra shut down the pool room servers on Aug 16, 2007.

Visit the Online Forever project forums.

There are 2 kinds of servers that need to be running for this game to stay online: Master Server and Room Server(s).

Currently I personally host all the master and room servers, with the exception of Dreamcast room. Due to personal reasons I will soon be unable to host any servers any longer.

Thus, the community needs someone who is willing to leave a windows PC/Laptop continuously running 24/7, to host the master server and possibly some rooms for all.

If you are interested please post to forums and let me know.


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